The Neuespaper [2013]

Ano: 2013
Autoria: Guilherme Sousa; Laura Araújo; Maria Manuel Dominguez; Tiago Moura.
Edição: independente
Tiragem: 1 exemplar
Any approach to swiss design starts with a difficult question — where to start? Such a universal and debated subject as this one can sometimes be a path to redundancies, repetitions or in general bland interpretations of a particularly rich moment in design history. Precisely because so much has been said already must we ask if there is anything new to say or a different way to say it. With this newspaper we intend to assume an answer to this second point.
 We know then that the theme and the debate are equally rich and interesting. The dialogues are abundant and ask for reorganization. Reorganizing is also saying something new without polluting the sphere that revolves the subject. It’s about drawing new relations between historical facts and critical interpretations, presenting proposals for new retrospectives and sometimes, unexpected ones. In order to do that, one must define strategies of approach. How to talk about swiss design? Or through which means should it be done… Through ideas? Through personalities? Through objects? All of these options are equally valid, even if they have already been exhaustively used — reorganizing, once again, is all about easing this exhaustion. In this first number, and with every uncertainty of future continuity, we chose to understand swiss design through its publications. — [Excerpt from the editorial text]








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