My first cheat sheet


When I started elementary school I could already ready, thanks to my mom and dad, Sesame Street books and later, Disney comics. I’m not sure, tough, that I could write. Looking at this small piece of paper I would say I probably couldn’t. As much as I can remember, we were learning our “abc’s” and I was very afraid of forgetting each letter’s form. So, in my first (and one of the very few, I should mention) efforts to actually cheat in school, I made this very useful “memory aid”, which I kept with me throughout the year. It includes both lower and upper case alphabets, written in the correct calligraphic style the teacher had taught us. Still to this day I am very insecure and doubtful about my memory and keep notes and cheat sheets about everything, though now I know that to use them in tests is considered a bad thing and can get you in trouble. I like to think that this was also my very first information design work. Although time’s effects and the glass framing my dad put on the piece of paper (hence the terrible photo) don’t help with the understanding of the object itself, it is quite well organized and surprisingly functional, except for the gray pencil layer covering everything, probably added in a very boring moment, and that totally random (and awesome) podium in the bottom.

Guilherme Sousa 

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